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SEO - Search engine optimization

What exactly is SEO? Simply put SEO is the skill of formatting a website in such a way that google can easily know what you website is about.

That is done with the proper keyword research – in other words finding out what are the words or phrases people use when searching for your services or products.

Then optimizing your site for those words (keywords) so that google will put your site in front of people when they type in those specific words or phrases.

In SEO backlinks are quite important to google in the proper SEOing of your website. A backlink is a link from another site to your site. 

An example of this would be supplier of yours has listed you on their website as a vendor of their products and has a link to your website. The more links from real sites the better as Google then knows that other people think you website is important and is worthy of giving it a good ranking in their search engines.

Social Media is another ranking factor, google loves when others people are talking about your site, so it’s important to use social media.

Local Seo

To the right is an example of SEO Trade Design has done.

The company’s name is Westwood Aluminum and the website we created is called westwoodsiding.ca.

As shown on the images to right (or below on mobile), they dominate the siding keywords in their local area, which the Great Toronto Area (GTA). They pretty much number one for anything siding service related.

You can do a search yourself and see the results. 

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