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a functional website

A functional website is one that attracts and interests your potential clients. That interest will be in your products or services. A functional website also allows them to take action and of course looks damn good!

What should you use your website for:

  1. Calls from the website
  2. If you’re selling a product — more sales
  3. Leads from the actual website
  4. Actions done by website visitors — forms, surveys, likes etc.
  5. All the above equal more business as a result of your business being online.

Web Design

What is the purpose
of having a website?

There are a few different kinds of websites you will see on the internet.


There are

e-commerce sites

These are mainly concerned with selling products to businesses or consumers through the internet.


There are information sites

These are sites that primarily have information about a particular product, company or subject. An example of these sites is Wikipedia or any wiki site that are supplying information and not actually wanting you to buy anything or take some sort of action. Wiki sites can be altered by users i.e. adding content or correcting content.

These sites can also be blogs dedicated to a particular subject or niche. Though most blogs are monetized (they make money off users clicking on ads etc.)


Then there are company sites

These sites are there so a business can advertise their company and its products. Some companies want to sell their product online and others want to sell a service. Selling services online usually entail a potential buyer having to do some action on the website, like request a quote, call the company, request more information, fill in a form etc. these usually are called leads – leads are good

stand out from your competition

So how does Web Design fit into all this?

Today, with a website it is not the same as when the internet first started. “If you build it they will come” does not work like it used to. Now it’s “if you build it they will not come” unless you actively do something to make them visit your site.


What is that something?

Think of your website as another salesperson. If you completely ignore your salesperson, they usually don’t do well, they have to be maintained, communicated to, given quotas, trained, given product knowledge etc., same with your website it has to be maintained and setup properly, updated and paid attention to.


That’s where we come in. Web Design in Toronto is quite large and there are many companies vying for your business. It’s not enough to just make an attractive site, it must be functional and move the customer through the site, keep them interested or engaged and lead them to take some desired action.


We always build websites that:

Has good design balance and is something you are proud of and portrays your company professionally.

Your potential client can find your site easily.

Answers all the questions and concerns that your potential client might need to be answered before they take the desired action.

Will set you apart from the pack by creative design & showing the benefits of giving you their business.

get in touch now to find out how to relaunch your business!

Get more customers using the correct message, the correct visuals and the correct promotional channels.

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